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Whilst writing fiction I've mainly worked as a facilitator and coach, freelancing for a range of national and international companies on team-building, leadership skills, and so forth. I've also published articles in leisure and tourism magazines and was commissioned to work on travel books for Berlitz and Rough Guides.

A two-year interlude working for the NHS as an assistant psychologist was followed by a career shift when I moved to Québec. This introduced me to the joys of TEFL and translation, endless pine forests and the thrill of crunching across virgin snow in -20º on a cloudless, sunny day. Now a dual British/Canadian citizen, I try and divide my time between the two countries: the wide open moors of Dartmoor vying with the ancient mountains of the Jacques-Cartier valley.

Back in Britain I ran workshops for Storybook Dads, a charity that helps prisoners record or write bedtime stories for the children they can't be there for. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that showed me how anyone can make up a story, no matter how poorly educated they may be, or uncreative they think they are. The results, whilst not always great literature, can bring immeasurable pleasure and confidence both to the writer and the child they're writing for.

Currently I work in Children's Services and am doing an MA at City University, where I won a bursary to study writing Crime/Thriller novels.
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